Former Macedonian PM flees the country, gets an asylum in Hungary


Ad Honorem
Feb 2014
Colonia Valensiana
Following his fall from power (despite the fact his party won the election by a thin margin), former Macedonian (FYROM) Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski, who has been charged with corruption, fled the country in an almost theatrical manner. Gruevski's passport has been taken by the authorities and he was sentenced to two years in prison for corruption. The former PM fled the country without a passport, thus avoiding to serve his sentence. According to media, he entered Albania, then Montenegro and Serbia, hours before the authorities issued an Interpol warrant. According to reports, Gruevski was wearing a disguise and eventually managed to get to Budapest where he has been granted an asylum a day ago.

There is, of course, a far larger political context to the story. Macedonia has been embroiled in political turmoil after a tense electoral cycle and subsequent name change agreement with Greece. However, the referendum failed, with a turnout of only 33 percent, most of which voted to approve the treaty with Greece. Nevertheless, the parliament voted in favor of constitutional changes, amidst widespread allegations of pressure and intimidation of the MP's, since the govt wasn't able to secure the required 2/3 majority needed to approve the constitutional changes.

Ex-Macedonia PM Gruevski says he has been granted asylum in Hungary | Reuters