France's Glorious Military History


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Dec 2014
And remember France was the most populated State and the richer agriculture in Europe... France was innhabitated by 21 millions when Spain, Britain had 7 millions and when Germany and Italy were a kind of bound of little states...

However out of Europe... French power always was very limited. Not rival for Spain or Britain... not even for Netherland or Portugal...British conquered Canada and Portuguese Guayana...

So, in Europe, France had their moments... as other countries as Spain, UK; Austria, Prussia, Russia, Sweden, German States, Netherland, Italian States, Ottoman Empire etc etc...
However in overseas, France power always was very limited. French Empire only was greater than the Portuguese after 1885...and France never had a chance to seize the Spanish, British, Portuguese and Dutch dominions... lately I´ve read that Louis XIV or Napoleon had local hegemony.. never global hegemony as Philip II or Victoria...

So... who think Napoleon had a chance to seize New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Argentina, Chile, Brazil or Philippines? And Louis XIV? when Louis XIV had a chance to conquer New Spain, Potosí or the very rich Piru?
Jun 2015
It's a mixed record. It's not as bad as some make out, but not as great as some French make out.

WWII was just a bad strategy, period. Though in troop numbers, France had more soldiers on the Western Front than Britain did.

If looking at countries like Britain and the USA, who more often than not win most of their wars, they only defeated weaker opponents. The Mexicans, CSA, Spanish, Iraqis, etc. were all weaker opponents in some measure. The same is true of the Boers, Zulu, Asante, Argentinians, etc. on the British side.
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Mar 2016
Started out very strong with their defeats of China (1895) and Russia (1905) but they were unable to decisively defeat the Chinese in the Second Sino War, even when they were divided and fighting each other, and they were decisively defeated by the Americans at every turn, losing all of their new gains in only a couple of years.
Jun 2015
Of current states, no country has a great military record, or hasn't won major wars without the aid of allies. France for me is behind some other countries, but no way does it have the "best" record in Europe.
Jun 2015
As for Japan, it didn't really have many foreign wars in the Edo period, and the Meiji period is mixed as has been stated.
I guess technically a country that hasn't lost many wars is Canada - but even then they won WWI as being a British colony, and in WWII they were a junior member of the Allies and mostly under British command in most operations (despite being an independent country by then).
Oct 2013
Eh beh, je m'attendais pas a tant de patriotisme de la part d'un Bordelais.
Je m'attendais pas non-plus a une si magnifique méconnaissance de son propre histoire.
Ou peut-être que visionner les Simpsons suffit pour "apprendre" l’histoire des nos jours?... [1]

3.700 men, from 7 disparate unit, armed with some 60 Bren-carriers, artillery and guns as mixed as the units themselves, with ammunition and water/food supply for ten days, defending their position against 32.000 men, (armoured units, infantry, artillery, bombers), offered an honourable surrender after one week of assaults and refusing it, continuing the fighting another week, until the commandment ordered them to abandon the position, break through the encirclement and retreat.

Which they did. After 2 weeks of fight. After they destroyed 50 tanks, inflicted 3,300 casualties. [2]

It's that You're thinking at with Your meme-generator?

Viva Simpsons ....

[1] Well, I wouldn't have expected that much patriotism from a Bordeaux person.
I wouldn't have expected such a magnificent lack of knowledge of one's own history either.
Maybe watching Simpsons is enough for "learning" history nowadays?

[2] I suppose You know very well that battle, only that it might be too insignificant? Ignorable? As so many other episodes ... ?
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Oct 2013
I was referring in my previously post to the famous unknown battle of Bir Hakeim.

Somebody took the time to subtitle a French documentary on it.

From my point of view, it's a very good good documentary besides presenting the battle.

It is interviewing survivors of the battle, moreover, not just French but Italians and Germans too. And that is the most interesting.

And not only how they lived those but also their oppinion on their enemies. There are a couple of testimonies that are puting things under a different light.

I warmly recommend it.