Frederick The Great Documentary I've made, feedback would be lovely!!!

Feb 2018
Hello Guys I've just completed part one of my documentary on the life of Frederick The Great.

Would be brilliant to have feedback on here and the You of tube if you can spare the time.

Hope you enjoy.

Kind Regards.



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Jul 2011
Very interesting. I know very little about Frederick the Great or continental politics of the time, but this has been a great introduction. Look forward to part 2.

Lord Oda Nobunaga

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Jan 2015
Ontario, Canada
You're going to regret making this a public appeal. If only for my sake. :D

Yeah, I will watch it. *stares menacingly*


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Mar 2013
Kirkcaldy, Scotland
Hope you've included the Scottish General Gordon who was so highly rated by Frederick that he apponted Gordon as Governor of Berln.
Dec 2017
Regnum Teutonicum
It is very good, nearly excellent. Congratulation. Three and a half things things could be better:

0.5) It can be interesting for people, who don't know a lot of history, to learn the real names of people and not the translations. As a teenager it blew my mind, when I learned, that Wilhelm the Conqueror was called William in english, Williame in norman and Guillaume in french, and so he didn't call himself Wilhelm. So it could be interesting for some people to know, what the people in the video called themselves. It could be mentioned, but hasn't to.
1) At the end of the video the narrator uses the word archenemy to describe the relationship between Friedrich and Maria Theresia. As far as I am aware, Friedrich wrote after Maria Theresia's death in 1780 "I have waged wars with her, but I was never her enemy.".
2) The electors didn't elect the holy roman emperor, but the german king. And the king could get crowned as emperor, but that did not always happen.
3) A little part of Silesia stayed with Austria after the First Silesian War (they lost it after the First World War).

Input for the next parts:
I hope you don't exclusively focus on the battles and wars. Here are some things that I would talk about:

-The Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the Kingdom of Prussia and the United States of America. Negotiators, authors and signatories: Finck von Finckenstein, von Thulemeyer and Friedrich for Prussia and Jefferson, Franklin, Adams and Washington for the USA. It was the first treaty in history about the treatment of prisoners of war (and even unusually human). Additionally it was about free(!) trade, that in case of war civilians shouldn't be affected and mutual protection of the others vessel and cargos. It was about most favoured nation status in regard to commerce and navigation. So Prussia become the USA's second ally after France (it was the first country to recognize the USA after the American War of Independence). People like von Steuben are another interesting connection between the USA and Prussia in this time.

- Step by step Friedrich ended torture. "Better to acquit twenty guilty, than to victimise one innocent.".

-Religious tolerance. Since the beginning he was open and tolerant to religious minorities. And he let in french religious refugees, who were genocided in France (huguenots). This of course benefited Prussia economically massively. "All religions are equal and good, if only the people which confess to them are good, and if turks and heathens came and wanted to populate the land, then we would want to build mosques and churches for them.".

-He ended censorship for the nonpolitical part of newspapers, which made Prussia the first absolute monarchy with partly freedom of press.

-During his reign hundreds of schools where build.

-The potato was introduced (with recipes and all)

-New agricultural space was created

-He was against serfdom, but couldn't abolish because of massive resistance of the junkers. At least he managed it in several steps on the crown land. Also this shows he was not like the sun king "L'etat c'est moi".

Quotes from him could be an interesting thing to do in the documentary.