Frederick the Great, Suleiman the Magnificent or Möngke Khan


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Feb 2018
Mongke expanded from the Syr Darya to Syria, subjugated Yunnan, Korea, Tibet, Kashmir and made Dai Viet a tributary. Note that Ogedei had already conquered Iran to the Zagros and Caucasia, but Iran and Afghanistan to the Syr Darya was treated as a military-governed frontier zone until Mongke.

His main achievement was centralizing Mongol power to a new level and maximizing their cultural fusion and human movements for innovation. The potential Mongol manpower has been estimated at 1-1.5M, much higher than under previous Khans. When he died, the Mongols had three invasions in progress (Syria and Egypt/Poland/Song China) that got aborted during the succession crisis, so there was a lot of 'loose' territory taken that was never solidified.

Mongke only ruled for seven years under very unusual circumstances, so it's odd to put him in a comparison. His role seemed more political and cultural than military since he ruled for so short, but he did have one of the finest generals of his era as a tutor in the empire in his youth (at Genghis Khan's order).

Suleiman stands out to me here.

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