French Revolution

Jan 2009
Wisconsin USA
I think you raise an interesting question. we know there are many similarities between the "Sister Revolutions" the American and French revolutions...

But I did not stop to think about the connection between the French and the Latin American revolutions. Good one!!!

Well, for starters i would say that the "people's revolution" against the Catholic Church in both parts of the world were very similar, and in fact many clergy and bishops were "recruited" into the pseudo-liberation theology camps of both French and Latin genres

In France there was the Counter-Revolution of Carmelites and other religious/priests
In Mexico there was the Cristoros i.e. Miguel Pro and even Bishop Romero
Oct 2008
If I'm not mistaken both "gave birth" to a charismatic army leader, French revolution:Napoleon Bonaparte and Latin Rev.: Santa Anna or "Napoleon of the South"