May 2012
In the Land of Russia where the Shadows lie
A little bit belated post, but yet ...

It is good that the last holiday of any year is the 30th of December - the birthday of the USSR.

Even if the Soviet Union lies buried and is eaten by worms.

In 1970s Solzhenitsyn wrote mockingly in one of his scribble :what will you do with your class struggle and the dictatorship of the proletariat if a great meteorite falls or if the Arctic and Antarctic ice melts?

Soviet philosopher Mikhail Lifschitz answered him in 1980:

"Only a man choking in his own bile, may say: what for all of your struggles, your efforts! Because if the Arctic ice melts, you will all perish - the ones who were right and the ones who were wrong, either capitalists or proletarians!

However, if tomorrow or sometime in the future there is a world catastrophe, this catastrophe will not eliminate the fact that in the history of humanity there was the beauty of the Athenian Acropolis, or Hegel's Logic or Marx's Capital. Neither will it erase the fact that Lenin's personality possessed a striking combination of philosopher and statesman, or the eternal glory of the October revolution. Fuimus! - we have existed."

This "Fuimus" is from the "Aeneid" by Virgil. The full quotation is "Fuimus Troes!" - "We the Trojans have existed!"

That is, even if these goddamn Greeks had a victory over us, it cannot undo the fact of our existence. In a later part of Virgil's text, although it is not true historically, but artistically beautiful and very symbolic, Trojans who survived founded Rome, and Rome comes back to power again later.

So we the Soviets have existed. And we'll upspring again.