Fusion cuisines that could have happened but that didn't actually happen in real life


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May 2014
Which fusion cuisines (such as Tex-Mex) could have realistically been created but weren't actually created in real life? Also, please elaborate on how the relevant fusion cuisines would have become a reality in whatever hypothetical scenario you are thinking of here.


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Oct 2010
With actual kangaroo meat? How'd they get it? Does Australia right now not have any laws against killing kangaroos for food?
There a licensed cull of Kangaroos that is pretty constant, it's controlled, bt fairly large scale. Kangarroos can breed up to large populations. The Grey and Red Kangaroo are not endangered species and it's over population that is the enviromental problem. There is a management of the population the supports a licensed trade in kangaroo meat. It; served iin a number of restaurants and at leats one pie shop. And almost every supermarket as pet food, but you can get it a a fair few butchers as well. Shooting most native wildlife will get in trouble pretty quick, you need the right licences and be shooting the right animals.

My father was a country vet. We had a pet roo for a while.

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