Fusion cuisines that could have happened but that didn't actually happen in real life

Apr 2018
Then it's a moot point.
Said sea creatures are actually in the process of growing legs. Wise, patient Tibetans know this. They wait and meditate for the "Great migration of sea creatures to their soup bowls" due in a million years.

Poor simple mountainfolk. They forgot their chow'll have to cross India first. Yum.
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Apr 2019
I've lived in Indian side of Himalaya for substantial part of my life and I've seen people consuming fish or whatever else is available in neraby water sources.
It depends on availability. People who live near rivers, lakes, ponds etc would include acquatic creatures in their food other won't even think about it.
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Apr 2010
T'Republic of Yorkshire
As Vera Lynn used to sing (and maybe still does) - “Whale meat again”.
I missed the chance to eat whale on my first visit to Japan.

It's on my list of endangered species to eat. I've done bluefin tuna.