FYROM and Ancient Macedonia

Apr 2008
I got it from this site: http://dienekes.50webs.com/arp/articles/greekadna/
It has a big list of autosomal studies carried out over the last ten years.

There was one recently in 2008 that showed genes mirrored geography in europe: http://www.nature.com/nature/journal/vaop/ncurrent/fig_tab/nature07331_F1.html
That was a study of 1,387 Europeans and seemed to point to italian and albanian for greeks.
I meant where did you get the study that shows english people cluster with the dutch?

and sorry but what does "seemed to point to italian and albanian for greeks" mean?
Apr 2008
Your "common race" is a fantasy that never existed. When was this "common race"?

Well, maybe it's just me, but I've always believed strongly in two things: that you should think things through for yourself and use logic to construct your own worldview; and that you should never rely too strongly on appeals to authority or experts. The logical answer is the logical answer and you don't need to quote a mathematician to prove that 6*2+15-76=-49: all you need to do is just show how you got there.
so your logic leads you to believe that you have answers to things that you are not educated in?

you keep getting smarter with every post

show me how you got to the conclusion that the english are very much the same as ummmm the "english" were at 7150BC but greeks arent related to the ancient greeks

the deluded nationalism coming out of you rivals only the FYROMians
I meant where did you get the study that shows english people cluster with the dutch?

and sorry but what does "seemed to point to italian and albanian for greeks" mean?
The article I quoted from nature magazine was carried out by the University of California. That's the one that shows the English and Dutch cluster together, it was carried out in 2008.When I say "seemed to point to italian and albanian for greeks" I mean autosomally on the chart Greeks bunch together with the Italians and the Albanians.

In order to find out if the modern greeks are related to the ancient greeks you would need some ancient greek DNA! You cannot conclusively show whether an entire population is related to an ancient one, there is not enough ancient DNA available.

You can only show which modern populations connect to each other.
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Apr 2008
Jul 2007
BACK UP WHAT YOU CLAIM WITH JUST ONE SOURCE!!! how thick are you, you stupid bastard!!!
Like I say, I always enjoy a civilized exchange of ideas. A little caustic sarcasm is always enjoyable, but "stupid bastard" is a disappointing, pathetic attempt at derision. Especially for one who is claiming heritage from the likes of Socrates.

Moving along ...

i have already backed up my claims with sources
I could back up Flat Earth theory with, probably, dozens and dozens of sources. Do you think that would make it any more true?

It wouldn't. It's an argument that could easily be dismantled through deduction alone, without needing a single source to counter the claim. This is kind of the same. Apparently, you don't really understand what makes a strong argument. Like alot of people today (is it the education? television? journalism?) you seem to be under the misconception that attaching a long list of famous names, or names that come with acronyms like "MD" or "PhD", can somehow lend credence to a weak argument.


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shut your mouth

i read a post by you saying that you've been to northern cyprus and southern cyprus and you couldnt tell the difference between the 2 peoples...and later on i read a post by you saying you've only been to the northern part of cyprus

so i repeat, shut your mouth
Oh dear...that was a BIG mistake. Thread locked.

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