Genealogies in the Koran?


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Jun 2012
Are there any genealogies in the Koran? Other than immediate family (son of 'x' or a brother of 'y'), are there any long lists such as you would find in the Book of Genesis?


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Nov 2010
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if you mean those long genealogy lists as u mentioned in the Book of Genesis, or in Matthew 1:2-17, no, there are no such things in the Quran.


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Jun 2012
Thanks Tulun.

From the Koran, would it be possible to create a family tree of the main Biblical characters it mentions, or are the relationships no recorded in there? (i.e. descent of Noah from Enoch and Adam; Noah's sons and the origin of nations; descent of Abram from Shem; descent of David from Judah and Abram, etc). Or are there only little snippets of separate family units?


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Oct 2011
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When I read the Koran I had the impression that similar figures [many of them are considered prophets] are present in a functional way [functional to the narration].

An other point to keep in mind is that the Koran doesn't dismiss the previous Books [Torah and Gospel], so that, nothing would impede to a Muslim to read the Torah to find out more details about genalogies.

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