Genocide: mass murder of Ukrainian underage girls in Russian labor camps

Jun 2015
I was browsing historic-legal topics and came across the above topic posted by underground.
The topic was rather intriguing, apparently based on historic events; see the video references in the original post by underground.

It was strange to see that the thread/topic was promptly shut down by a moderator.

I am wondering... when we discuss genocide of Jewish people in Europe including Germany - no moderator would say "it is propaganda" or "your agenda" or something like that.

However, when someone presents similar information on genocide of Ukrainian people in Russian camps - this should be called "propaganda" or "your agenda" or "provocative" ?!!

The moderator may have issues with underground, but in my opinion, truthful historic information is what most people expect from

I recall seeing photographs of dead bodies (their heads, hair still attached) of young women executed by the NKVD around 1939, and buried in mass graves in Western Ukraine (was it Ivan-Frankivsk?).

Is this something moderators would want to keep unknown to the broader community? Why?

Please give me a good reason why we should not be allowed to learn about genocide of Ukrainian people including mass murder of Ukrainian underage girls in Russian labor camps.

Otherwise, please share relevant historic information.

Very Respectfully,

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Jun 2015
For your convenience, I copied and pasted the original post from underground:

Kremlin used political prisoners, enemies of the people, and their family members as slave laborers in the GULAG.
Russian government needed gold.

Cattle trains with non-Russian civilians were sent to the gold mines in northern Russia .

There, young prisoner girls were raped by the guards.

Only 5% of the laborers survived extremely harsh living and working conditions.

Year 1949. An order comes from Moscow to clear barracks for a new shipment of prisoners.

The order states that underage (under 16 years) Ukrainian girls must be killed "so they will not give birth to new Banderovci." The last word is referencing a Western-Ukrainian leader Stepan Bandera who was pursuing Ukrainian independence.

This video tells the story of one labor camp.
Three thousand Ukrainian girls, the oldest was 14 years old, were sent to a swamp, where all of them were drowned or shot.

Як в СРСР катували і вбивали українських дівчат. <-- VIDEO
This video is in Ukrainian language. If the link is not working for you - please write a comment, and I will add other links to the same video.

For centuries, Ukraine was a Russian colony; I would like to learn about other acts of Russian genocide against Ukrainian people.


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The original thread was closed for a reason.

It will not be revisited.