Geographic point where as many borders as possible converge

Aug 2013
Cartographically, trifinium is the Latin word for the spot where you are technically in 3 geopolitical or administrative entities. There are many trifinia.

What about the spot where you are technically in more than 3?

Let's begin with 4 (quadrifinium).

On a map of small scale, there seems to be a quadrifinium between China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and Russia, which turns out not to be one once you zoom in.

Could you help confirm whether there is a quadrifinium between Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe?

Are you aware of other points where 4 or more than 4 jurisdictions converge?
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Oct 2015
Northwest Territories, USA
Once zoomed in, there is NOT a quadrifinium between Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. They don't meet at a single point, and, if they did, it would be an imaginary point in space, as it is in the middle of the Zambizi River.

The only one I know of is in the USA where the four states of Utah, Arizona,New Mexico, and Colorado converge at a single point. Does that count?


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Sep 2012
If you go all the way down to administrative level you can find places where the borders of quite a few municipalities meet. Here the top number is (AFAIK) seven. There is a small monument at the spot in the middle of no-where surrounded by swamps and dense forests. That number used to be eight at some point...

fi-wiki page with an image of the monument...


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Aug 2015
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In administrative areas within a realm the borders can be designed at will and thus the number of crossing points can be the result of choices. For example, in the United states of America most of the center of the country was surveyed with square townships and sections so there are thousands of places where four sections or townships meet at a point. Also probably many places where four counties meet at a point, but only one place where four states meet at a point.

In the space opera The Imperial Stars and Family D'Alembert series by E.E. Smith and Stephen Golden a future space empire is divided into 12 sections ruled by Grand Dukes, radiating outwards from a single point, Earth's solar system.

Karlsruhe, Baden, Germany, has 32 avenues radiating from a circle surrounding the palace, with the exact central point in the tower of the palace. If the circle surrounding the palace is considered to be a dot or point, then any administrative divisions such as wards of the city using the radiating avenues as borders could meet at the central point,and there could be as many as 32 of them. So for the borders of administrative division within a realm, as many as desired can meet at a point.

But deliberately arranging for the borders of many different independent realms to meet at a point would be more difficult because the various countries might not be willing to go along with it just for fun or to create a tourist attraction.