German bombing of Manchester UK on the night of December 23rd, 1940

Jun 2016
Would anyone know how I could find out which Luftwaffe units were involved in this raid? Particular which ones might have dropped incendiaries that night?



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Aug 2016
No doubt there were other units involved but these bombed Manchester in December 1940:
Luftflotte 2 (Brussels)
Kampfgeschwader 1

Luftflotte 3 (Paris)
Kampfgeshwader 27
Kampfgeshwader 51
Kampfgeshwader 54
Kampfgeshwader 55

Kampfgeshwaders were commaned by field grade officers (majors, lt cols, and colonels) and usually consisted of three gruppe. Each gruppe was commanded by a captain or a major so I assume a gruppe would have been called a squadron in most other air forces. A gruppe consisted of about 12 aircraft. Each Kampfgeshwader therefore consisted of about 35 aircraft. These strengths were for the begining of the Battle of Britain. By December 1940, most of these units were well below full strength. I haven't found who used HE and who used incendiaries.
Luftwaffe Order of Battle August 1940 - Wikipedia
Jun 2016
Thanks Chlodio, yes I was aware of that information but as it is 4 months old I was wondering if I might be out of date. Would you be aware of what source I might look at to determine more accurately which units were involved in that attack - do such records even exist?
Nov 2010
As a small sideline, my old mother would have been about 10 when her mother - who seemed largely disorganised and rather irresponsible (and died of cancer not long afterwards) - contrived to walk her home from Manchester to Oldham during one of these raids. I think there had been an option of staying/avoiding

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