German "Freikorps" in the 19th century?

May 2019
Were any of the German states during the 1800s still using "Freikorps", in the sense of irregular military units including foreigners? I've read that during the 18th century these units could be fairly multinational, including Slavs, Hungarians, Tatars, Lithuanians, etc, and were regarded as somewhat undisciplined but useful for less conventional operations. Just curious to know if they retained this character during the 19th century, or if they'd become something different by that point.

Edric Streona

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Feb 2016
Prussia and Austria (I think) had them in the wars against Napoleon 1800-1813. Around 1814 Prussia began absorbing the frei Korps into regular regiments though in 1815 most still had their old uniforms.

Most of them were incorporated into line regiments or Ulhans if I recall.
They were mostly German in character. They were very often light infantry/cavalry formations.
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