Germany Invades Spain


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Feb 2010
Canary Islands-Spain
This is one of the most hottly debated issues in Spanish forums.

Not in the form of a German invasion though, but on a Hispano-German cooperation.

An invasion of Spain of Germany could be successful, because Spanish people were very tired of fighting. In 1939 though Spanish army was very large. There were in active service:

Manpower = 988,500 men, not counting the Italians

Small arms = 1,090,000

Machineguns = 13,000
Sub-machineguns = 22,000

Mortars = 7,600

AT guns = 375
Field guns = 2,453
AA guns = 54

Tanks = 651

Airplanes = I have to look for this.

The bulk of this material was German and Italian. For example, the AA guns were German 88s.
Apr 2011
When a foreign power invades a country, it tends to have a unifying effect on the people, from my research into history. Could Hitler truly afford to conquer Spain? I know the spanish army wasn't exactly top of the line, but desperate men in a defensible position can do a lot of damage, and the Pyrenees were defensible were they not?
Not after bloody civil war. People who were being murdered in thousands wouldnt join the regime of Franco anyway. Fascist goverments are usually no less opressive than foreign occupants, maybe even more.
Apr 2013
im willing to say, wherent the spanish soldiers, although poorly equipped, hardened veteran soldiers? that with their knowledge of terrain could make it a hell for the german forces, as spain tends to be a mountainous country.

i mean, didnt the 250th division kick ass in The Soviet Union?
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Apr 2008
Why? It would have been the best way to defeat Britain.
It must be remembered we see the war in hindsight, not how Britain saw the war at the time. Nowadays we see it Germany vs Britain, but in 1940 it was Germany and the Soviet Union vs Britain. If the Soviet/German Alliance had held together even Churchill's obstinacy would have seen reason. Britain couldn't fight the whole of Europe and Russia alone.
Sep 2013
Like Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa supporting Britain for commonwealth and cultural reasons in WWII, Hitler may have been worried about the amount of countries in the world who have a cultural connection with Spain, eg South American countries


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Apr 2008
I don't think the former Spanish colonies have a great love for Spain in the way the Australians, Canadians and Kiwis love Britain:D


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May 2011
Navan, Ireland
Would the Civil War re-start this time with a tinge of War of National Liberation? echoes of the Peninsula War.

I suspect if the Germans did invade it would be a very subtle one with 'advisors' coming to assist Spain with their 'Gibraltar problem' and other such things.
Sep 2013
Hitler knew Spain would have been a very messy situation. If it was about the importance of Gibraltar, I think the RN could have leveled Gibraltar if it came to it. The resources to keep Spain quiet would have been substantial. Portugal would have to be taken as well considering their long standing treaty with Britain...lot of extra hassle for old Adolfs brain to consider.