Germany Never Unifies

Sep 2006
Korea (but I'm American!)
Dr Realism,
I have all the respect in the world for all of the civilizations of the world and their contributions to human advance. But in a certain way, while China can claim "pride of place" in many regards, such matters are irrelevant. The famous Europeans, Marx and Lenin took over China, didn't they? After that it was Adam Smith and W. Edwards Deming.quote]

Marx and Lenin took over? I've never heard it said like that before. By that token, you could say Jesus and Paul took over Europe, or Confucious and Buddha took over East Asia, couldn't you? Communism influenced the thinking of the PRC's government but I'm not sure that ideas can take over something.


Forum Staff
Jan 2007
Dr Realism,

Well, I did say "in a certain way". Indeed, in a certain way, countries are never taken over by anything but ideas. Aren't all the conquests a victory of hereditary absolutism, or robber-barony, or liberal democracy, or the dictatorship of the proletariat, or the dictatorship of the master-race, etc, etc? Of course each instance will be unique in the specific circumstance, and the particular case might well be a mixture of more than one idea. The question is, "What does this mean?" For instance, getting taken over by Douglas MacArthur does not mean the same thing as being taken over by Francisco Pizarro. It's not a matter of the name of the man or the name of his country, but the ideas in his mind, the ideas which he represents.

In China's case there is also nationalism and pragmatism. But that's true of every country. What matters is what's different. Everything happens at the margin.