Ad Honorem
Apr 2015
many historical sources say that ghilji is pashtunized khalaj turks. what do you think about it?
The Turkic tribes who invaded India and the vicinity facially looked like Uzbeks and Kazakhs (Mongolian type face) while Ghilzais looks like other Pashtuns. so, its most likely they don't have any connect to Khiljis except for similarity in names.
Jun 2015
Your Attic
Khushal Khan Khattak connects the Khilji (I think Alauddin) to the Ghiliji of Wilayat (so he’s calling them Pashtuns).

Also the Khalj are descendants of Hepthalites. Either they are mistakenly called Turks (like Kabul Shahan) or were Turkified and later Pashtunized when settling in Zabulistan.
May 2018
It's interesting to see Afghanistan changed rulers In brutal way.

First Hindu Turk(Kshatriya) got killed by kallar and he founded Brahmin Shahi of Kabul,Arabs, Safaris and Samanids from Persia also Conquered and converted whole region to Islam.