Gold Minting in Medieval Western Sudan.


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Feb 2013
portland maine
The Periplus, “directions” for sailing chapter 15 discuses the east African, Azanian area, south of Somalis down to Tanzania. Azania traded gold ivory and lumber. Products that were destined for India, China (the monsoon trade) and Rome. Brian Fagan writes that this commercial exchange started as far back as the Phoenicians sailing down the red sea. Chinese porcelain and Roman glass wedding beads have been found at some explored sites.


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Mar 2013
Interesting and nice article on medieval trade routes and how connected that era actually was even if relatively few people were involved in the trade itself local economies rotated around it.
Nov 2010
It was mainly gold caravans from the Sudan and other places that kept the Calpihate of Cordoba in such riches, and allowed the dictator Almanzor to hire and supply such huge numbers of troops (for the age).

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