Good books for reading on Tetrarchy and ensuing civil wars?

Mar 2012
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My current historical interest is the series of events that led to Constantine becoming Emperor of Rome. Namely, the Tetrarchy, the civil wars that came after Constantine's proclamation as Emperor, and the like. I'm curious as to what material Historum can recommend me for further reading on the subject.
Oct 2013
Edward Gibbon described it well in the history of the decline and fall of the Roman Empire...

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Mar 2013
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Without doubt “The World of Late Antiquity, A.D. 150-750” by Peter Brown.

Edward Gibbon’s works are from 1700’s and outdated, and his works and theories are rejected by the scholars these days.

EDIT: and make sure to get the newest edition if you decide to go for it.
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Mar 2012
Redneck Country, AKA Texas
Goldsworthy devotes some time to it in his book about the fall of Rome.
I've actually read "How Rome Fell" by Goldsworthy and enjoyed it. He didn't got into detail about the course of events during the civil wars, however, because the focus was on the various causes and reasons behind the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

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