Good morning everyone!

Mar 2015
Minas Gerais
I'm very glad to join this community -- that seems to me incredibly versatile and the members are largely interested in new knowledge. I have a bachelor in History, and my masters research is focused in the relations between oral and written traditions, with topics like the addiction we have in the written word, and why the oral tradition is many times underestimated. I'm looking forward to post my experiment here and ask for the interested members to answer.
Although I have joined this community in order to gather data for a masters research in particular, I'm hoping to grow in many levels of knowledge and to meet some new smart scholars (or enthusiasts) that can and will be of great help, not just to my research, but also to build the basis of wrongly disregarded historical facts. Globalization is a tool that is still misused, and with a little bit of initiative, we can change the dynamics of human interaction.
Thank you for the warm welcome, I'm indeed very happy to join in :)


Ad Honorem
Jun 2012
Seja bem vinda Mariana Bueno,(welcome).
Is good to see another Brazilian here especially an inhabitant from the land of gold.