Good study of English civil war of 1215-17

Oct 2012
Several historians have pointed out that the first thing the Magna Carta of 1215 produced was two years of civil war, at the end of which a revised version of the Magna Carta was confirmed. Can anyone point to a good study of this period? I'm particularly interested in the role the peasants may have played in the armies.
Feb 2017
Devon, UK
I think the most recent and most readily available is 'Blood Cries Afar' by Sean McGlynn

I must say that I've not read it but as to 'peasant' involvement one of the interesting points of the book (at least as far as its marketing was concerned) was McGlynn's 'rediscovery' of William of Cassingham AKA 'Willikin of the Weald' and his force of archers. Lots of speculation in the press about the 'real' or original Robin Hood having been found etc.