Good themes for films/tv 20. century exvluding nazis


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Jan 2012
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Since there has been made so much about those years of german ans eueopean history. Well I admit I may have developed a kind of "allergy" to those topics, even if it had a lot to so with the generarions before me.
Mar 2010
There are 3 events I would love to see covered by mini-series.

The voyage of the Emden and it's crews remarkable adventures in returning to Germany in WWI

The amazing exploits of Paul Emil von Lettow-Vorbeck in Africa during WWI

The adventures of the Czech legion and the Belgian armored car division in the Russian civil war.


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Jul 2017
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In post WWII films, the journey of Hellmuth von Mücke and the Emden landing party from the Cocos to Constantinople is covered by this film from 2012. German only.

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