Government Corruption in Montenegro Becomes Laughably Obvious

Jul 2014
Crna Gora
I'll try to be short and explain everything simple. So, in Montenegro people had always knew DPS and Milo Djukanovic had been buying votes, threatening people to kick them out of jobs or saying they will give jobs if you vote for them, there were other voting irregularities but you can see where this is going. Also, Milo, his family and those close to him had always been amassing wealth through illegal dealing, for example smuggling. From time to time someone would speak up and bright out the evidence, but it was never as big as this time, and its laughably obvious how far the crime of the government and stupidity of people can go.

Milo Djukanovic (stupidly) firstly attacked Svetozar Marovic who had been his colleague for a long, long time. Some even say Milo would lose his first conflict with Momir Bulatovic (the second candidate for president who went against Milo) if it wasn't for him. Marovic ran to Belgrade where he is to this day. This made Milo Djukanovic really confident I guess, so he tried removing another of his close members, who helped him amass wealth and become what he is today - Dusko Knezevic. Basically, Dusko was prepared and knew this day might come today. So, he taped many telephone calls, recorded money transactions, took pictures of documents and so on. He hold a British passport and is now in London, from where he keeps sending information to media in Montenegro. Knezevic had released two important pieces of evidence up until this moment and had said that even bigger things are starting on Monday. These two pieces of information he released are: A video where he is talking with another DPS member (Stijepovic) and then he goes on to give him 100,000 euros (or dollars, can't remember) for Milo Djukanovic and the elections. The money is given in an envelop and while the giveaway of the money is going on, they are talking about how it's to be used and so on.

Second piece of information is between Dusko Knezevic and governor of Montenegro National Bank, who constantly keeps calling Knezevic "boss", They talk about how are certain people to be handled, should they be bribed and so on. Knezevic had also made information about Djukanovic's villa's public. And under pressure Djukanovic is starting to lose his sense, admitting he "might" buy the 10 million euros villa and that there is nothing wrong with it. He also has another villa in Budva.

Don't take me wrong, Knezevic is same type of person as Djukanovic, but he might be necessary in order to take this whole pyramid down.

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Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
I shall be in Montenegro when England play soccer. Usually we stay in Budva as it is a friendly town . Podgorica is a bit run down. Good luck on replacing the corruption with an honest Government. Trouble is, they all have this problem and you can include England.