Governmental Systems in History


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Apr 2008
Instead of one of those polls thingies like which regime would you rather live in, I thought I would do it with a historical slant.

Looking through Wiki there's a nice list of goverment types. I was wondering which regimes in history most resemble them.

For example, for Absolute Monarchy I would go for Louis IV France, for Military Junta Myanmar and so on.
  • [ame=""]Anarchy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Aristocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Authoritarianism[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Autocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Communist state[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Confederation[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Corporatocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Consociational state[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Demarchy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Democracy[/ame][ame=""]Direct[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Despotism[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Dictatorship[/ame][ame=""]Military[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Ethnocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Exilarchy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Federation[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Feudalism[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Military junta[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Kratocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Kritocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Kritarchy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Logocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Meritocracy[/ame][ame=""]Geniocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Minarchism[/ame]/[ame=""]Night Watchman[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Monarchy[/ame][ame=""]Absolute[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Noocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Ochlocracy[/ame]/[ame=""]Mobocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Oligarchy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Plutocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Puppet state[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Republic[/ame][ame=""]Crowned[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Socialist state[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Sociocracy[/ame]
  • Technocracy[ame=""]Cyberocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Theocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Theodemocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Timocracy[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Totalitarianism[/ame]
  • [ame=""]Tribal[/ame][ame=""]Chiefdom[/ame]

Richard Stanbery

Ad Honorem
Jan 2009
Maybe we will live in a Noocracy when the aliens take us over and set up a council of the wise. Talk about Vladimir Vernadsky...what a poster child of mad-scientist. With a ruling council of guys like him, Nikola Tesla, and a few others, we would have a very advanced, and ridiculous govt system.

I think that I would like to live in a tribal chief system, as long as I was the chief!


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Jan 2007
I'd take a sort of federal confederacy or a confederal federation, or some kind of deal where there is a single currency, central bank, military establishment, foreign policy. There'd be about 15 states and they could pretty much do what they wanted and be free to fail. Then we'd see what's what. Books sure are good for the ol' cogimitation bone!
Mar 2009
A constitutional Republic - George Washington
Theocracy - God ( It is the only perfect government)