Great Depression (psychological)

Jan 2018
How efficient/effective was FDR's new deal psychologically?

Is there any evidence (like letters from citizens, maybe??) I can use to prove it's psychological effect on America's citizens during the depression?

Many thanks for any insight!


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Jan 2007
See - FDR's Alphabet Soup []

As for the psychological thing, having a job is good for one's self-esteem. But if one wanted to know how efficient/effective this or that particular program was compared to the others, he would have to devise units of self-esteem.

And 1 is very much greater than zero.

David Vagamundo

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Jan 2010
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While I was not around during the New Deal, my father and mother were, and from what I've heard from them and read, it made a great deal of difference.

My father's first "regular job" was in the Civil Conservation Corps, which hired a number of young men to plant trees in the northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan. It was a great experience for him and he often talked about it, because prior to that there were no jobs. And the New Deal had many other agencies like that.

Try searching the internet for "oral histories of the Great Depression" and you'll probably find lots of first-hand accounts.