Great failures of history

Feb 2008
I think maybe the two most obvious failures of history, would be the various political ideologies which contain messages of global salvation (eg communism, neoconservatism, Cecil Rhodes-style colonialism, etc), and religion. Neither have resulted in nor ever will result in the utopian world they promise.
Utopias have been the rage forever, and the 20th century was rife with new ones that claimed to be intellectually thought out rather than faith-based. But they're just as impossible and absurd as their forebears. Communists, fascists, Objectivists (bloody Ayn Rand types are still dogging us), and the Straussian neocon dimwits that plague our politics, all are tiresome and detrimental to constructive dialogue.

Fanaticism and utopianism are good indicators of a faulty ideology. Which is why I won't be reading any Left Behind books this summer...
Dec 2007
Human induced global warming theory.

The assumption that human beings can change something so powerful as climate (with such an inconclusive set of data) with their own activities is absurd.

These things are just natural cycles of the earth that have been going on for billions of years.

It is an invented theory just to allow developed countries to tell developing countries not to use fossil fuels in order to succeed so they cannot compete. Also, the global warming research field has become a huge buisiness and so is something the politicians support.

The dirty tricks our politicians play....someday it will backfire and these global warming theorists/supporters will look even more idiotic than they do now.

Remember the 80's when they believed the world was freezing over?

Atmospheric CO2 concentrations have climbed at times in our history dramatically when temperature has in fact fallen (the 1980's) So there is no correlation.

When will common people stop believeing political fear-mongering propaganda?

Common masses believing in a countries fear propaganda is in fact a failure of all humanity in itself.