Greatest Composers of all time?

Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
I came late to classical music, which remains a mood thing for me, and I case my appreciation is fairly shallow;

Eg; I like Chopin nocturnes, especially then in C sharp minor

I love "The Four Seasons",

Beethoven's Third and Ninth Symphonies

Also like Beethoven's Bagatelles which I've heard.

' The Nutcracker Suite'. I've probably heard-that piece more than any other

Richard Wagner ; Thus spake Zarathustra,
The Ride Of The Valkyries

Everything I'v heard of Mozart, but then I haven't heard all that much.

I think Schubert's Ave Maria is one of the most beautiful pieces of Church music I've ever heard.

I like some operatic arias, but just like to listen to great voices, such as Pavarotti, Maria Calls and Joan Sutherland.

Puccini's Turandot, or at least bits of it. I loved Nessun Dorma a good decade before it became so cliched TV talent shows.dec

Recently bunged on "the Magic Flute" whilst driving. Haven't made up my mind yet. guess I'm just shallow.

I also happen to like a masss by Benjamin Britten; the copy I have is with The Choir Of King's college, Cambridge. The cd was given to me by a friend whose two sons were in the choir at the time, so I felt obliged listen to it. I did, and liked it..


Something for true music lovers: "quite some time ago"a friend played me some music conducted by Leonard Bernstein; it was several early versions of he beginning of the Fifth Symphony. It's on Youtube (recorded in 1954) Fore some reason, wasn't able to post the link
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Apr 2017
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I think everyone likes Vivaldi . Since this thread has taken an Italian turn, I'm reposting this piece recorded at the Nymphenburg Palace in Munich. There's no conductor, but soloist Julia Fischer is definitely running things with her eyes.

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