Greatest Composers of all time?

Oct 2018
Adelaide south Australia
I came late to classical music, which remains a mood thing for me, and I case my appreciation is fairly shallow;

Eg; I like Chopin nocturnes, especially then in C sharp minor

I love "The Four Seasons",

Beethoven's Third and Ninth Symphonies

Also like Beethoven's Bagatelles which I've heard.

' The Nutcracker Suite'. I've probably heard-that piece more than any other

Richard Wagner ; Thus spake Zarathustra,
The Ride Of The Valkyries

Everything I'v heard of Mozart, but then I haven't heard all that much.

I think Schubert's Ave Maria is one of the most beautiful pieces of Church music I've ever heard.

I like some operatic arias, but just like to listen to great voices, such as Pavarotti, Maria Calls and Joan Sutherland.

Puccini's Turandot, or at least bits of it. I loved Nessun Dorma a good decade before it became so cliched TV talent shows.dec

Recently bunged on "the Magic Flute" whilst driving. Haven't made up my mind yet. guess I'm just shallow.

I also happen to like a masss by Benjamin Britten; the copy I have is with The Choir Of King's college, Cambridge. The cd was given to me by a friend whose two sons were in the choir at the time, so I felt obliged listen to it. I did, and liked it..


Something for true music lovers: "quite some time ago"a friend played me some music conducted by Leonard Bernstein; it was several early versions of he beginning of the Fifth Symphony. It's on Youtube (recorded in 1954) Fore some reason, wasn't able to post the link
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