Greatest Composers of all time?


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Apr 2017
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How do you justify that Danny Elfman does NOT belong to a list of "greatest composers"? I think "greatest composer" is a qualification also open to score composers, and not only to composers who are plainly listed in antiquated schoolbooks, as you are obviously believing. What counts is musical quality, don´t you think? If not, this thread should be titled "Greatest composers as listed in the schoolbooks". Maybe your opinion will be considered ridiculous in a future when composers like Elfman, Zimmer and Jablonsky are seen as composers not less respectable than Schostakovic or Tschaikowksy.
I happen to like Danny Elfman's music very much. I posted "Victor's Piano Solo" from Corpse Bride on the saddest songs thread here. He writes a lot of music for films. and special occasions but he's not on the classical concert circuit. I didn't start this thread but I did start a thread to accommodate music like Elfman's. As for what qualifies as classical music, if you can find his name on this list of 21st century (neo)classical composers, you win. I couldn't, but it's a long list.. .

List of 21st-century classical composers - Wikipedia
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Nov 2016
Hey guys, I´m well familiar with classical music from the 15th to the 20th century, probably to a higher degree than most of you, my favorites on that front are Monteverdi, Rameau, Händel, Mozart, Beethoven (above all), Schumann, Chopin, Brahms, Mahler, and Hindemith, however, when it comes to the issue of "great" musical quality, I see no reason at all to exclude contemporary composers whose musical skills can easily match those of most so-called ´serious´ composers who are - also in this thread - seen as fitting a list of "greatest composers".

For example, when I listen to a symphony by Prokofiev or Shostakovich, and check that against the productions by, say, Elfman, Shore, and Jablonsky, I not only perceive no decline in quality and expression in the latter, but rather a progression.

Therefore I consider the musical pigeonhole thinking of some users here stuffy and backward.
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