Greatest Generals of the early modern period.

Mar 2018
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Early modern history would be from 1453 to 1914 I presume. So my top list would be not in any particular order:

Jan Sobieski, Fredrick the Great, Napoleon, John Churchill, Eugene of Savoy, Gustavus Adolphus. These are badasses imo.

Post your choices as well


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Oct 2012
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I have never been a big fan of Frederick the Great , his chief opponent Prince Charles Alexander of Lorraine was a man of little military ability. His replacement Count Leopold Van Daun was able to best Frederick on a number of occasions.
Sep 2016
Turenne, Prince Conde, Frederick II the Great, Gonzalo de Cordoba, Gustav II Adolphus, Prince Eugene of Savoy, Duke of Marlborough, Villars, Maurice de Saxe, Suvorov, Napoleon, Wellington, Jan Sobieski, Moltke Sr.
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Sep 2016
I also would add Alessandro Farnese, Ambrogio Spinola, Raimondo Montecuccoli, Tilly, Nadir Shah, Babur, the Duke of Alba, Kutuzov, Bagration, Duke of Louxembourg, Villars, Selim I, Rumyantsev, Von Daun, Laudon, Giuseppe Garibaldi, Lee, Grant, Sherman, Jackson.
Bagration wasn't that good in my opinion. He was brave and brilliant at rear-guard action. But lacked in strategic ability and wasn't that skilled tactically. Bagration was also the on who actively proposed to attack Napoleon in Poland and give him battle in 1812.

I like that you mentioned Rumyantsev. He is not well-known in the West and sometimes underrated even in Russia.

Villars certainly deserves to be mentioned alongside Marlborough and Eugene. He achieved 2 victories at Friedlingen and first Hochstadt in the beginning of the war. Later took Stollhofen Lines and gave toughest fight in careers of Marlborough and Eugene at Malplaquet. At Denain he achieved victory against Eugene and continued with successful Rhine campaign in 1713.

Charles XII also deserves the attention, but I am not really impressed by his strategic ability.
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Sep 2016
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Our friend Mangekyou would put Marlborough at the top, I believe. Anyway, Napoleon being top dog is not so clear. He had great successes and catastrophic defeats. Even some of his victories didn't always have ,, brilliance '' in them and Napoleon barely managed to carry the day.
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Apr 2018
Mythical land.
baji rao 1 from maratha empire was pretty damm good. He fought around 30 battles and never lost one. He was major factor that removed mughals as pre dominant political power in india.

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