Greatest Generals of the early modern period.


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Jan 2010
Care to back up this denial?

I've backed it up quite a few times, It's just me rehashing the same things. To be honest it's an unpopular opinion , but I think Marlborough was a better soldier and leader than Napoleon was. Napoleon won more battles, yes, but Marlborough had better grasp of every facet of being a leader, Napoleon didn't. That's my "in short" reply anyway.
Sep 2016
I am missing two angles:
Naval: De Ruyter, Nelson, Santa Cruz and Yi (of the turtle ships)
Dutch: Maurice and Frederick of Nassau.
This is more about Land warfare. Otherwise, I would include more naval commanders than just De Ruyter, Nelson, Santa Cruz and Yi.

Can't believe I didn't include Maurice of Orange into my list. Terrible mistake on my part.

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