Greatest Man Alive

Feb 2019
Me in 20 years.

On a serious note I don't know who is the ''greatest'' (How do you exactly define ''greatest''? The most powerful? Most intelligent? Wealthiest?) however without a doubt people like Putin, Xi Jinping, Trump, Merkel,May and maybe some leaders of minor countries like Orban will without a doubt go down in the history books in some form.

Businessmen and bankers such as Soros, Musk and the current Rothschilds and Rockefellers will also likely be remembered.
With things like the internet and everything on it as well as the political situations are some things that weren't really encountered in history, so we might get people who are politically irrelevant such as youtubers, musicians and media personalities to go down in history.

Currently politicians are though to judge, with all the biases from each news source it is hard to understand what is going on. Common people might say something but the vast majority of them has very limited information and a poor understanding of politics to make judgements that should be taken seriously. (I'm not saying I'm better or have a better understanding but most common people really are too limited to make a professional judgement.)

In cases like the crisis in Venezuela or Kosovo or Crimea we usually can't know what is happening for sure. For cases like Crimea Russian sources might give 1 account of the events while western sources will say something entirely different with both of them being biased and many things are likely to be exaggerated or even entirely made up, so we can't know definitely what is happening and who is in the right or wrong in cases like these, making the question of the ''greatest individual'' even more difficult to answer.
Feb 2019
Among state leaders, José Mujica is probably my favorite from recent years. All tough I mostly know him from brief mentions on social media.

Let's take Elon Musk as the template, no matter if you regard him great or not. What individuals from the 21th century(and still alive today) would you guys rank as more worthy of respect than him?
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Jan 2017
when do we start ?
honestly until I see the track record , it's all a bit conjectural and the good horse "Nobody" seems to be leading by a lenght
Oct 2015
There are three men who can leave a permanent mark on history.

First is President Donald Trump trying to make America great gain. Trying to make it retain its top position in the globe.

Second is Mr Jingping trying to snatch the top slot from America.

Third is Mr Narendra Modi, trying to fast-forward India out of poverty.

Time will tell who was the best.


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Jan 2017
Trump is certainly one for the history books ,
his intent , if there is one , certainly resonate deeply among many Americans

so does Putin effort to make Russia great again
Xin jinping is pushing for China space in the world
Modi is affirming India importance in world affairs
meanwhile the old European world master is self destroying ,much helped by a politically zombie Britain
I'm not mentioning south America , beside football they don't seem to matter much
Africa and the middle East don't matter at all , beside the noise

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