Greatest Man Alive

Oct 2015
I missed Mr Putin since he is not in news often enough.

His vision for Russia is not clear. Future world is likely to be multi-polar. What does he gain by challenging America in military technology? He has started arms trade with China as well as Pakistan.

Cant see where Russia is headed.
Feb 2019
Just making the history books is far from enough. The person in question needs to be as close to legendary figures in sparking admiration as possible, whether scientist or politician. Imagine Caesar/Alexander, Newton/Einstein etc. Very different people from distinct fields, yet all of them could easily claim the title as the "greatest man alive" during their own lifetimes.

So, what person from the peeps still alive is in your opinion "The Great Man in the World". If you think Donald Trump is the most outstanding individual on the planet, that's fine with me. But I'm just making sure everyone understands the criteria.
Oct 2015
On Modi:

The Divide:

There are two categories of people - one of those who like Modi and other of those who don't. It is close to impossible to change views of the members of these two groups. The Whatsapp group of my school-classmates has 12 members. Four of them are anti-Modi ( two vocal & two silent). All these guys are 60+, are successful in life by any standard, and have been arguing heatedly for & against Modi for two years. Each maintains his loyalties without changing. Similar is the story in my College Whatsapp group which has 60 members - but here overwhelming are pro-Modi. Both groups have members whose family members have stood for elections. Modi is something like Trump who inspires extreme reactions in people.

So I wonder whether there is any point in getting into detail about him here.

Expectations versus the Scale:

India is a massive country. With a population of 1.34 billion, it is bigger than the whole of Africa (1.22 billion), bigger than North & South America combined (1.01 billion), and almost double the size of Europe (0.74 billion). [1] It is diverse also.

No one talks of changing Africa or South America in five years. In short, if one is looking at India as a whole and wants some miracles in 4-5 years from Modi; then it is not fair. It is bound to take time. Chinese have a proverb: Longest journey begins with a single step. Modern management analogy, pirated from a reference to IBM, is that it takes time to 'make an elephant dance'.


Modi has initiated many programs & policies which his predecessors could not or did not. These include political, military, economic, and social reforms. They are moving ahead apace and will fructify in future.

Some of these require a broad visions while others demand immense political & personal boldness. And there are huge challenges in implementing them through a blunt/inefficient bureaucracy & slow-moving federal structure (I have had opportunity to closely observe implementation a couple of schemes by Govt and know what retards them).

All the same, Modi also has remarkable qualities.

  • He has experienced poverty, understands the pain, and is deeply committed to remove it. Poverty is not merely a 'concept' for him but a lived reality for 45 years.
  • He has a reputation of being a person who can deliver uncommon results even thru a fuddy-duddy bureaucracy. This was during his tenure as Gujarat CM for 15 years. I have personally heard this from management consultants of international repute. And thru media from businessmen who I know to be trustworthy.
  • He is personally a man of high integrity. He has not pushed up any of his relatives even though he has in power for a long time.
  • He & his political colleagues in central government are honest as per businessmen who ought to know. (A Sindhi businessman once told me when I was young that every businessman who bribes will always go and share the info with a few others.)
  • He is a man of discipline, determination, focus, and very is hardworking.

These are stuff of which achievers are made of.

There is only one allegation which is still sticks to him to some degree even though courts have cleared him. That he is anti a particular minority community.


Above answer has no specifics. If anyone here is interested, I will take time to collate his initiatives / programs and put in a write-up with context. To understand their relevance requires deep understanding of Indian events in 65 pre-Modi years.
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