Greatest monarchs who never reigned


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Feb 2010
Canary Islands-Spain
Don Juan of Austria ,illegitimate son of Charles quint , trusted by his half brother Phillip II of Spain
commander at the great Naval battle of Lepanto , governor general of the Low countries
all recognized his great talents and charming personality
all his life he was hoping for a crown , coming close several times
often called "the king without a country"
He tried so hard to be King of Tunis, thence the investment there in the period 1571-1573 However, all this effoert led to the catastrophe of Tunis-La Goulette of 1574, probably the most forgotten and epic siege of the 16th century
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Feb 2019
Who do you think are the greatest monarchs (or monarchs-in-waiting) who never reigned?

Personally, I live Otto von Habsburg (Kaiser Karl's son) due to his advocacy of European integration. Had Austria-Hungary survived, I suspect that he would have made a fine ruler of A-H and possibly helped transform A-H into a mini-European Union.

Anyway, who do you think qualify for this list?
I would say: the guy that Marcus Aurelius should have adopted and designated his successor.
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Jan 2017
Caligula wasn't alive by the time of Marcus Aurelius
he succeeded Claudius and was a genuine Caesar
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