Greco-Italian War and Germany

Jan 2013
Miami, Florida
I recently read that during the Greco-Italian War the Greeks actually stopped the Italian advance and actually drove into Albania! I wonder, what would have happened, with a little more assistance from the British Commonwealth in Egypt, if Greece managed to get to Yugoslavia? Maybe in this instance Germany doesn't help Italy because of what was going on in Western Europe? Also, what would happen if Stalin realizes he can't trust Hitler and decides to aid the Greeks? Thanks!


Ad Honoris
Jan 2010
Why should Greece "managed to get to Yugoslavia"?
How should Stalin help Greece?

Metaxas was a right wing politician. The Italian ambitions on the Balkans were against the interests of Hitler. So what had happened, if Italy had concentrated their interest on Africa and metaxas had joined the Axis and if the Yugoslavian government hadn't been putched away?