Had the Muslims managed to conquer all of Europe in the 8th century, would there have still been an Industrial Revolution a millennium later?


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May 2014
Had the Muslims managed to conquer all of Europe in the 8th century, would there have still been an Industrial Revolution a millennium later?

Also, as a side question, how else would Europe have been affected by this? For instance, are there going to be much less White people in Europe in this scenario as a result of large-scale intermarriage between Europeans and Arabs? Also, would European culture have become drastically different from what it was in real life as a result of this Muslim conquest? (Even today, there are huge cultural gaps between Western Europe and the Muslim world.)

Any thoughts on all of this?
Nov 2010
Can't answer your main question - who knows? Maybe just say that the driving force for all this was loot not ruling the world and that a 'united islam' very soon shot off into the distance even before the Omeyas fell

On your side question - I do not believe there were all that many 'arabs' to export to be honest. The vast majority of the populations of North Africa and of Hispania were the indigenous people. Amazing how many people assume 'Mediterranean skin' automatically means some foreign blood. Ever been down in the south of Spain for a week or 2?

Culture - yes we can see that today . have a look around Malaga then take a flight to Marrakesh
Aug 2010
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Oh what rubbish! Classic example of a meaningless statement. It was by no means inevitable that the industrial revolution would ever come about at all, it required a very particular constellation of circumstances, and it can be argued that it is by no means accidental that it (and the scientific revolution) came about in Christian Europe rather than in any other part of the world.
Apr 2018
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I really don't see how the Muslim Arabs would conquer all of Europe during the 8th century.

With that being said, suppose they do... yeah, I don't see the industral revolution happening. To be honest I don't see much happening in Europe at all. "European" culture would in this case practically not exist. The term would be meaningless. The world would just plain suck. I'm rather glad none of this happened.
Apr 2018
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As for intermarriage between Germans/ Slavs/ whatever celtic remnants existed and Arabs, sure, it might have happened. Given the distances involved and the generally quite unpleasant climate in Northern Europe I think we'd also see more than a few examples of this though:

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Aug 2013
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The base of the industrial revolution are the monasteries of the 8th century.

This monasteries with water mills were already little factories.

Ora et labora

to pray and to work

That was the beginning of the West.
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Jan 2017
I'd have a hard time seeing the Muslims conquering all of Europe, let alone keeping it together for 1,000 years. Where would the seat of power be? And how long before the whole thing collapses into factional rivals vying for more wealth and power? Besides, once they get a taste of the glorious Scottish weather they'd retreat faster than a gazelle.

As for the Industrial Revolution, that rested on several factors which had to combine in a special way at a special time to occur. Remove one factor and the Industrial Revolution doesn't happen.
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