Happy 219th birthday Nat Turner!

Oct 2017
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Today, the date this thread is posted, is Nat Turner’s birthday, which is why I’ve decided to post this thread today. Actually was there any way for slaves like Nat to know their birthdates for certain? In any case,

Happy Birthday Nat Turner!

& of course there was that movie made about him a few years back.

Main leader of the only successful slave revolt in American history in terms of achieving any of its intentions, & even that was short lived from its ultimate goal, & with slave revolts being so spaced out in American history, it really shows how suppressed & overpowered blacks were to whites. But it had the biggest effect to American slavery later on legally & socially, he even became an archetype character assigned to slaves. Of course, typical of crushed slave rebellions, the events & his memoir were composed by a member of the victorious party, in this case a lawyer who had only recently begun practicing & with serious financial issues who was the only person to have spoken to Nat before his execution, & in that kind of oppressive & prejudiced environment & culture, who knows how much editing & bias was done to the story. It’s also too bad whites were still unwilling to either see clearly or admit to the main cause of the tragedy, the even bigger tragedy of slavery, & instead blamed it to Nat being deranged or crazy.


'The Birth of a Nation' and Nat Turner in His Own Words
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Oct 2019
West Virginia
Nat Turner's rebellion filled Southerners with dread.

Today many in the South continue to cling desperately to their Confederate nightmare, as if it is something of which to be proud.

In Charlottesville statues of traitors who fought for slavery are on display in the city parks, and the controversy around them continues to rage.

I think it is only appropriate that the statue of Robt E Lee be replaced by one of Nat Turner.
Oct 2019
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But didn't Robert E Lee not support slavery and was working with Lincoln to force the south to follow federal law after the war?