Happy Birthday Solomon Northup!

Oct 2017
America ??
Happy 211 or 212 th’ Birthday Solomon Northup! Most people probably learned of you from the 2013 movie, & that’s a good start. But there’s much more to you than that. With the utmost respect & condolences for your fate, it was your story that brought to light the abominable practice of the sale of free people of color into slavery. Yours is the only slave narrative told by the perspective of a free person. If your narrative wasn’t published, this abominable practice would be much less appreciated & known, perhaps it would barely be at all, along with its victims. Much appreciation to all those who convinced you to publish your experience, Solomon, otherwise humanity would remain unaware of your remarkable person as well as this abominable practice as detailed above. Thank God for surviving & making it back to freedom, otherwise, you would have never left the Slaving South as far as your concerned, & your close ones & the rest of humanity would never have learned of your fate & story. Your a real underdog of history, a normal & humble fellow whose suffering & story was big & deep insight, a reflection to humanity of the bigger problem of slavery.

Let’s all take a moment here to appreciate & reflect upon this remarkable individual & what he went through, along with the abominable practice behind his fate, for it still goes on nowadays, & there’s much to be learned from it by all of us.
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