Has any larger country ever had an openly homosexual head of state?


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Aug 2015
Chalfont, Pennsylvania
Varius Avitus Bassianus (204-222) was emperor from 218 to 222 under the throne name of Imperator Caesar Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, but is generally known by the name of the god he was the high priest of, Elagabalus.

According to the ancient historians, suspected by many modern historians of greatly exaggerating, Elagabalus was not just merely homosexual, but really most sincerely homosexual. It is claimed that he had several wives and at least one husband. It is claimed that Elagabalus dressed like a woman and wanted a sex change operation.

So if you believe enough of the stories about Elagabalus you can believe that he was the most homosexual ruler ever.
Jun 2018
New Hampshire
Emperor Hadrian had a male lover Antinois. Though one should be cautioned not to apply modern concepts of sexual orientation on the ancients.


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Oct 2016

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Don Dunstan


he made pink shorts ' a thing ' ..... a gay thing