Has anyone here read Ambedkar's book "Pakistan, or, The Partition of India"?


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May 2014
I'm familiar with all kind of South Indian cusinies. I can even cook many items on my own(without creating huge mess:coldsweat:). But I'm vegetarian so can't comment on non-veg recipies. I personally don't like greasy, overly spicy or too heavy food.
My favourite southern dishes are like these,
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A balanced blend of spices and right assortment of chutneys can overcome power of grease which dominates popular Indian cusinie.:upsidedown:
I like curry and mint leaves but not tamarind. From my experience it seems like tamarind is not too easy to love for most of north Indians.
What are the meatball-looking things in the first picture?


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Jun 2014
New Delhi, India
Cereal balls made with Ragi in South India, like we have Bati in Rajasthan and Litti, Sattu Chokha, in Bihar. Yeah, I love Batis.

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Aug 2019
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It was originally created to ask opinions about Babasaheb Ambedkar's book in favor of Pakistan; what are your thoughts on this book?
I don't rate him or his book, I take most books written by authors from the other side of the Radcliffe line with a grain of salt.


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May 2014
Lmaoo says who? Probably indian sources claim that. Nobody in Pakistan knows who he is and the few academics that know him don't rate him.
I personally took an extensive look at his book. He's indeed pro-Pakistan (or, more accurately, in favor of the creation of Pakistan). I even posted a link to his book in my OP here so that you could personally take a look at this book.

It also states here that Jinnah himself--as well as Gandhi--cited Ambedkar's book on this issue/subject:

Dr. Ambedkar