Has anyone here written or plans to write a history book?


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Dec 2009
What do you think of the standards at Brill?
They get on my nerves. The academic quality of the books is always high, but for what they charge they need to do a bit more work. I reviewed a certain volume a few years back that they sold for $350 USD, and I was convinced that the author was not a native speaker based on the complete mess that was the writing in the notes. Turned out he was, and no one at Brill seems to have given them so much as a glance.
Oct 2015
No, at least not in the near future. However, I did write and/or expand over 50 Wikipedia articles in the past and could do this in the future for additional articles. Would you like to see these articles?
Wikipedia is an excellent resources.

Whenever, I want to research a subject or topic, Wikipedia often provides the best starting points. Its articles mention the views of multiple or different scholars on every topic. Often hundreds of citations and many reference books are mentioned.

Wikipedia scores over even scholarly / authoritative reference works because it gives details which have emerged after the latter works. On history, Encyclopedia Britannica articles are also good, they have a more crisp writing style, but are shorter than Wikipedia. I also contribute minor edits to Wikipedia articles.
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