Has anyone here written or plans to write a history book?


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Feb 2011
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In order to write a proper history book you usually need to have a lot of spare time, training and money. There's no point just writing ' your opinion' and referring to a bibliography. Otherwise the book will just be yet another one of the plethora of rubbish printed by Mickey Mouse Enterprizes. A proper history book need to use original sources and original work- that means spending time in archives, reading original source material and sometimes translating it from ancient or foreign languages. Not many people have the time, skills or money to take a year or two off to read in a dusty archive and then type up a book with an original thesis. It's usually only University staff or very rich and fortunate people who're able to do that. This is why there's zillions of history books which recover the same topic (ww2/ww1/Rome etc) and why it's far easier to write historical fiction than fact.
Jul 2019
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Yeah, it's basically impossible to write a substantive history book if you're not working in the field full time.
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