Has Aristotle really written that ? About incest

Jan 2020
Yes you read well.
I have several quotes from authors far distant from each other, the first one being Saint Thomas Aquinas, that Aristotle has said the strong affection towards one's kind can turn into violent passion, and that it was the reason for which incestuous marriages were no good for society... because it would create too much happiness.
And you all know that Aristotle disliked whatever is "too much", even seemingly good things (happiness ??).
I tried to find the precise quote, but couldn't in the translation I found (remacle website, in French, my mother tongue).
Has someone more info than me ?



Ad Honorem
Oct 2016
Its probably better to list those quotes FIRST , the actual words they said - cite them with a reference too ... if you HAVE the 'quotes'

Because just saying stuff, you end up creating exactly the same problem you are having above . ;)
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Jan 2020
Moyse Amyraut:
ConsidĂ©rations sur les droits par lesquels la nature reigle les mariages (Saumur, 1648, p. 223).​
"Aristotle claims a reasons that seems contrary: there must be mediocrity in affection, as well as in all other habits of our minds. It is so that consanguinity already produces much of it, and if we were to add the one mating produces, it would get excessive.​
And fourth, courtesy of Aristotle, a man will have a liking for his kinswoman; it is not good for this affection to become too ardent, which would occur if he had sexual relations with her. It is worth pointing out that, for Thomas, prohibiting incest does not require biblical quotation.​
Turns out there wasn't much in Saint Aquinas.