Has not history shown that the doves were right about the Vietnam War?


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Dec 2011
The Sino-Soviet split happened before the escalation in Vietnam. The Communists didn't form one solid block. Getting rapprochement with China in the early 60s instead of escalating in Vietnam would have made more sense. Kissinger in Diplomacy, for example, admits that Americans viewed the Communist world too much like a solid block and that was a big mistake.

How do you fit this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cambodian–Vietnamese_War into the domino theory?

Vietnam won a war against the US. I don't see how that functioned as a deterrent. Do you have any example of Communists deciding not to start a revolution/civil war because of that?
No, if anything it encouraged them, hence proving the domino theory


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Mar 2013
No, if anything it encouraged them, hence proving the domino theory
No, proof of the domino theory would have been Asia becoming Communist, because Vietnam was lost.

The idea that:
- if we lose the war => we prove the theory
- if we win the war => we prove the theory
is sophism and it's not even good sophism.


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Mar 2011
On top of everything else, South Vietnamese politics were a tangled mess and extremely corrupt in ways that were overwhelming and difficult to untangle. They never were untangled and the SVN government failed utterly to command the loyalty of most of its people. What the US and the SVN controlled during the day, it could not control when the sun went down.
This is my understanding of the war from friends who fought there. Thus the domino theory is just theory because it had already fallen when the people affected would not fight to support their own government. According to the article The Vietnam War: A Political and Military Mistake

Many South Vietnamese peasants believed that the country of South Vietnam was a puppet of the United States, which it was. Their people had been fighting foreign people for their independence for more than a thousand years, and now, a war that they didn't even want was being fought for them by the Americans. Many South Vietnamese peasants didn't even know the difference between communism and democracy, and sided with whichever group would provide protection.

When the Americans bombed villages they suspected of sheltering enemies, they would only be producing more and more recruits for the North Vietnamese Army and NLF. With so many American leaders stating the support of the local people was necessary to winning the war, the war was obviously going to be impossible to win.