Has reading about a historical figure ever influenced how you act/speak in real life?

Mar 2016
A bit of an odd topic, I must admit, but still a possibly interested/funny one.

For me personally my readings of Napoleon have left me with an immense admiration of the man, and I usually find myself walking like he did, with the famous way he held both of his hands behind his back as he walked about. When it's colder I also sometimes wear a long winter coat as Napoleon did in winter climates such as when he was on campaign in Poland and Russia. Needless to say I also walk with my hands behind my back while wearing a winter coat.

Extremely trivial and silly, I know, but it's something I sometimes subconsciously and sometimes knowingly do. I think I'll skip over the bicorn though.


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Nov 2010
Sticking with dictators then, Sulla's epitaph was something like:

"There was never a man who served me, nor an enemy who wronged me, whom I didn't repay in full."

Sounds a good life policy.

If you are walking like Napoleon you need help.

Lord Oda Nobunaga

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Jan 2015
Ontario, Canada
Not acting so much but Napoleon has made me extremely cynical.
I've always liked long winter coats anyway so that one doesn't count in my case. :lol:
Jan 2013
Not particularly, unless you count Jesus of Nazareth. I have a great admiration for Diogenes of Sinope, but I haven't started sleeping in wine amphoras in public places just yet.


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Jul 2014
Lower Styria, Slovenia
Under the influence of 1970 Waterloo movie I sometimes grab two fingers of one hand and rubb them with the fingers of the other hand behind my back like Rod Steiger as Napoleon. Not often though. As a kid I used to put my hand in the shirt like Boney but luckily I outgrew that a long time ago. :lol: