Has someone dumped Press TV.

Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
Not available it says on my screen! I follow it as everything in the world is apparently the fault of the USA.
It originates in Iran, As A Shia dominated country , so I also watch Al Jazeera which originates from Qatar. Which is Sunni, but they have rows with KSA , who are Wahabbi, which is a more extreme branch of Sunni. Meanwhile , KSA are busy bombing Yemen , for reasons I have not yet followed.
I don't know why Israel is upset, just leave it to the lunatics!


Ad Honoris
Aug 2010
Welsh Marches
Latest news: "Trump is selfish, loutish oaf: analayst". This is old news really, I expect that their analyst has been tuning in to CNN or MSNBC.

I had a look at a (perfectly respectable) article on Boris Johnson, and find this comment at the bottom from J.J.Zionists_are_Not_Semitic saying, " Notice Zionist Puppet Boris does this just when Zionist Mafia Puppet Trump show up?" and another from Defender saying, "Johnson will struggle whether to sell us to America or Israel". I expect that this knid of thing might be prominent among the comments there.

Al Jazeera can be quite good I think.
Jul 2016
Dengie Peninsula
My MP has just put up a question as to whom you think should be next Prime Minister. Boris is on 41%, no one else near him. His stylist has cut his hair, he is on his way.