Has someone dumped Press TV.


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Aug 2010
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He'll be chosen if he's one of the two submitted to the members. They say that Trump has also tidied up his hair for his visit to the Queen, unexpected things are afoot.
Dec 2015
No more similar to Fox than to CNN, and in fact really quite different. Why do people single out Fox for bias when the bias is quite open and no greater than on CNN and MSNBC?
Bc the bias is greater on Fox and Press Tv compared to MSNBC and CNN. Im not seeing what you are seeing apparently. And to each there own.

Hannity, Rush, Tucker and Ingraham are all conservative leaning, they all criticize figures like Clinton and Obama and warm up to Trump. CNN is critical of Trump, but also critical of Obama and Clinton.

Im sure though that both Fox and Press Tv have some honest reporting, more so then a broken clock being right twice a day.

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