Has the quality of the Italian army improved since WW2?

Nov 2014
This may be a broad question, but generally, since joining NATO, has the quality of Italy's miitary improved compared to WW2, how is the quality of their training and officer corp today compared to say, the modern post Cold War French, German or the Dutch military?


Ad Honorem
Sep 2011
You mean like how the officer corps is no longer socially profoundly distanced from the men, Italy is a democracy now, doesn't do hopeless imperialistic wars of aggression, and relatively the Italian economy is actually rather more robust than it was under the Fascist regime? Also that Italian military tech is up to NATO specs and we are not talking about going to war with gear developed and distributed in the early 1930's in a situation where Italy was then too skint to have the means to upgrade to parity when the other great powers started gearing up for war, meaning the Italians mostly had to fight with stuff a couple of generations behind, sometimes downright obsolete? (And still the navy wasn't all bad, and the air force actually did rather well.) And this in a war that was a hard sell to the Italian public, not very popular, because it was tricky to see why this was a war Italy necessarily needed to fight?
Mar 2016
Let's wait for another major European war and we'll find out. It's useless judging any modern European army now - which wars are they even involved in that pose a challenge and test their quality?
Jul 2018
Today the Italian army is a professional force. The equipment is not always up to the latest fashion but it is adequate. Training is taken seriously and, in general it is not lacking. Some of the heaviest units may be a little behind but it is sort of compensated by mountain troops and special forces; some of them are considered top notch at NATO level.
There is still a national defense industry that can produce adequate equipment in almost every area and, often, the concepts embedded are innovative and ground breaking. There is a big big effort going on to enable networkcentric warfare using as much national equipment as possible.
So, I would say that the modern Italian army is adequate to NATO standard level; not the best not the worst.