Has there ever been helicopter vs. helicopter combat in a war?

Sep 2013
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Has there ever been helicopter vs. helicopter combat in a war? If so, what war was it in?


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Jul 2016
In 1990, a joint DEA US Army force sent to South America got into a helicopter vs helicopter skirmish, where AH-64 Apache faced off against agile Scorpion attack helicopters flown by high skilled and deadly East German mercenaries.

They made a documentary about it, it was called Fire Birds.


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Nov 2011
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This war (Iran-Iraq ) also saw the only confirmed air-to-air helicopter battles in history with the Iraqi Mi-25s flying against Iranian AH-1J SeaCobras(supplied by the United States before the Iranian Revolution) on several separate occasions. In November 1980, not long after Iraq's initial invasion of Iran, two Iranian SeaCobras engaged two Mi-25s with TOW wire-guided antitank missiles. One Mi-25 went down immediately, the other was badly damaged and crashed before reaching base.[228][229] The Iranians repeated this accomplishment on 24 April 1981, destroying two Mi-25s without incurring losses to themselves.[228] One Mi-25 was also downed by an IRIAF F-14A.[230] The Iraqis hit back, claiming the destruction of a SeaCobra on 14 September 1983 (with YaKB machine gun), then three SeaCobras on 5 February 1984[229]and three more on 25 February 1984 (two with Falanga missiles, one with S-5 rockets).[228] After a lull in helicopter losses, each side lost a gunship on 13 February 1986.[228] Later, a Mi-25 claimed a SeaCobra shot down with YaKB gun on 16 February, and a SeaCobra claimed a Mi-25 shot down with rockets on 18 February.[228] The last engagement between the two types was on 22 May 1986, when Mi-25s shot down a SeaCobra. The final claim tally was 10 SeaCobras and 6 Mi-25s destroyed. The relatively small numbers and the inevitable disputes over actual kill numbers makes it unclear if one gunship had a real technical superiority over the other. Iraqi Mi-25s also claimed 43 kills against other Iranian helicopters, such as Agusta-Bell UH-1 Hueys.[229]

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