Hatshepsut and Akhenaten/Tutankhamen

Jan 2017
New York
Greetings all. Looking for a little direction. Working on a thesis paper with the premise that backing of the priesthood in ancient Egypt could lead to either the rise or fall of a Pharaoh. Main thrust is centered around Hatshepshut's use of the priesthood to aid in her rise and Akhenaten's disuse/alteration of in his downfall. Wanted to factor in Tutankhamen's restoration of the priesthood and old gods as additional material. Any articles or books you could recommend along with specific points to investigate would be of help. I am currently using Kara Cooney's book "The Woman Who Would Be King" as one source on Hatshepsut. Appreciate all input!



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Oct 2011
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I tend more to read articles from academical sources than commercial books.

So, I'm not that ready to suggest books.

And for a thesis I would think that academical articles [peer reviewed] could be more suitable.

If I have to think to a book, this comes to mind: https://www.amazon.com/Hatshepsut-Queen-Pharaoh-Metropolitan-Museum/dp/0300111398

Usually the Metropolitan Museum takes care of the publications connected to itself.