Hatshepsut was subsaharian?

Mar 2012
I was just about to mention this, the crazy thing is that it was always the South of Egypt that retained the cultural aspects of Egypt when a foreign power took over that nation. First against the Hyksos, then with the 2th Dynasty and even during the Greek occupations etc. This is why the importance of Nubia over other countries cant be ignored, there was a reason the priesthood of Amun turned to the Nubians over all other people to restore order in Egypt.

Interesting. Well, if we go back just like sixty years or so from Hatshepsut, we reach the time of Ahhotep, daughter of Queen Tetisheri (Teti the Small) & Senakhtenre Ahmose. This Ahhotep is believed to hv been sister as well as queen consort of Pharaoh Seqenenre Tao II.

Ahhotep was probably the mother of Pharaoh Ahmose I, as well as his brother Kamose, who possibly died in battle against their Hyksos conquerors & occupiers, possibly also after he himself had been anointed Pharaoh.

They launched their war of liberation against their Hyksos conquerors from Upper Egypt, suggesting that they were originally from there, and therefore retreated there also in the wake of the Hyksos conquest of Lower Egypt.

Their exploits form the core of the hist fict novel War of The crowns by Christian Jacq.

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